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Hello guys, after 8 months without any update post i'm here to tell you what's new.

Charts, charts and more charts!

In this version we improve the analytics system to have a full control and data about our users and players. So we put in charts all the data to analyze it more easy for developers.

Support System (Addon)

After a long time of leave over the support system the development team release it. Really easy to use, works with ticket system and use departments, staff agents. This repleace the support via email.


Before to release the support system we update the addons panel list, to quick download the addons availables. This is a WIP, we are thinking really big with this and probably some changes in the future for the addons structure system.


The api has a lot of updates for the analytics purpose. Now you can use custom querys to get data for the charts. We don't update it to the v4 because we only add querys and don't change any data structure or requests.


We also do some minor updates and fixes, of curse if you want to see every single change go to revisions page.


Awesome stuff, when it will be public release?