# Author Description When
bafb... RubeGamerV Add sidebar values for minecraft in admin panel 9 months ago
de9c... RubeGamerV Update PLAN db schema 9 months ago
1a06... RubeGamerV Add mimnecraft server section to the admin panel 9 months ago
babd... RubeGamerV Fix displaying operator name from infractions 9 months ago
7485... RubeGamerV Change alerts values and add new ones 9 months ago
8e76... RubeGamerV Add appeals class on the single page from appeals 9 months ago
9488... RubeGamerV Now admins can change the avatar servers 10 months ago
64c8... RubeGamerV Change statements for status on forums, rename watched->mysuscriptions 10 months ago
9bdc... RubeGamerV Appeals now have comments section 10 months ago
bbce... RubeGamerV Appels now working 10 months ago
b08a... RubeGamerV Fix author spelling word 10 months ago
7273... RubeGamerV Remove permissions to create an appeal 10 months ago
f27c... RubeGamerV Alerts now use 1 controller 10 months ago
65be... RubeGamerV Alert to subscribers when a topic is updated 10 months ago
c949... RubeGamerV Fix grammar errors in translations and minor changes on forums 10 months ago
1241... RubeGamerV Fix registration pages and delete from the db when logout 10 months ago
2aeb... RubeGamerV Create the watched feed 10 months ago
6abf... RubeGamerV Display navbar slots by position 10 months ago
4797... RubeGamerV Change local dir, fix translation includes on login page 10 months ago
a6d3... RubeGamerV Add images for jumbotron on the index page 10 months ago