# Author Description When
c106... RubeGamerV Fix editing topic and posts a year ago
8390... RubeGamerV Add tinymce as text editor a year ago
37bf... RubeGamerV Modules now load via vars a year ago
c060... RubeGamerV Fix header load on forum search a year ago
0a9c... RubeGamerV This is a invalid progress a year ago
8239... RubeGamerV Remove wrong class loading a year ago
7ae1... RubeGamerV Fixed profile displaying, readd the nickname history section a year ago
20a1... RubeGamerV Add appeals and infractions a year ago
e202... RubeGamerV Change api dir for profiles a year ago
9442... RubeGamerV Wrong query on the members list (admin panel) a year ago
5ca8... RubeGamerV Translator now working on the forums, added a comma after the name on the online users a year ago
2976... RubeGamerV Fixed navbar module a year ago
b508... RubeGamerV Development log now display CMS commits a year ago
9c39... RubeGamerV Fixed API requests, change some deprecated DB tables a year ago
2fab... RubeGamerV Fix tons of bugs a year ago
2243... RubeGamerV Add alerts to translation system a year ago
1196... RubeGamerV Fixed some grammar a year ago
7bea... RubeGamerV Add statics 2 years ago
4222... RubeGamerV Fix redirect on support settings 2 years ago
73b5... RubeGamerV Redirect settings from support addon 2 years ago