* This rules apply for all our services.
  1. Do not make topics or posts aiming to insult or provoke other people or groups, and do not promote or encourage others to make such posts.
  2. Do not make posts that mock or "predict" inflammatory comments, as they encourage users to make such comments.
  3. Do not reply to topics with irrelevant, meaningless, or spammy text/images.
  4. Do not "bump" topics by posting something that does not contribute constructively to the topic.
  5. All personal issues must be dealt with in private. The public forums are not the place for personal conflicts.
  6. Criticism of the work of others, both staff and the larger community, must be delivered with politeness and personal respect.
  7. Announcements about dramatic events befalling yourself or others must include a verifiable source for the information. If we cannot easily verify the story, the topic may be removed. Deliberate hoaxes of this nature are considered very serious infractions.
  8. Do not reply to a topic that you feel is violating the rules, submit a report instead. Intentionally lying in a report is considered an infraction.
  9. Do not abuse HTML in the forums or personal profiles in a way that makes navigation difficult, causes extreme browser lag, or exceeds the preset boundaries.
  1. By not following this rules your account will be terminated with all your services with our without previous notification.
  1. This rules are subject to change anytime with previous notification.
  2. Users are responsible for keeping up with rules
  3. There is a 5 days grace period for rule changes.
  4. The Fenix Development Administration reserves the right to terminate or cancel any user/service from any Fenix Development service for any reason without notice.